Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

I write multiple point of view (POV) novels. In cowboy movies, most of the action takes place with the hero or the villain–Raisa and Kassar in the Angel of Mortality (Ruby Spider Conspiracy). Damir is Raisa’s romantic interest and Sonya her confidant. They participate in the main story and I can’t neglect them. As Raisa awakens at plot point two, she sets a new course for defeating Kassar’s plot to take over the world. What she will do is technical and not interesting to anyone except science buffs.

The world outside of her laboratory–the ranch–moves on and someone needs to keep up. I wrote Chapter 36, in which Damir goes to India to help the ICC (International Council for Civilization) build a laboratory to prepare for peace to relay the message that life goes on unchanged in the areas not hit directly by the plague. Some place, the guys in white hats are shooting it out with the ones in black hats, but back at the ranch they’re still cooking ribs and doing the laundry. Eventually the gunfight works its way to the ranch and that’s when everyone gets serious–leading to the next pinch point and the third plot point.