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Koyel Mitra has a Masters in Mathematics and currently pursuing Bachelor in Education. She is the author of 6 books-3 poetry and 3 short stories. All her books can be found at my website www.koyelevergreen.wordpress.com 


Kenneth Schroeder is currently writing about the walk he made from Portugal to the Middle East. Ken lived in Portugal for 15 years before a religious experience on a mountain set him in motion to make peace in the Middle East. After leaving a trail of war and revolution in his wake, Ken returned to Europe, flying in to Milan from Egypt, and bought a cheap bike for a new mission. He now lives in Germany, where he gave up on his cycling expedition to Syria after realizing he had gone 2000 kilometers in the wrong direction from Italy.

Amazon.com: Poor Knights: A Trek through the Balkans (Down to Egypt Book 1) eBook: Kenneth Schroeder: Kindle Store


Tiera St. Claire- She writes when something catches her eye, touches her heart or engages her passions. Embracing the life of a pilgrim, Tiera walked the Camino Santiago in northern Spain 5 times, journaling her thoughts, feelings and experiences along the way.

You can find her or follow her on Facebook as Tiera St Claire


 Her blog is tierastclaire.com

Robin Hall is a neo-Renaissance man: A life coach, writer and narcissist in recovery. He uses humor and storytelling to encourage people to move towards a healthy, happy, and more meaningful lifestyle. His depth and wisdom are extraordinary. Robin is a Kiwi (as in a New Zealander, not a piece of fruit) who lives in Los Angeles.




Website: www.facebook.com/kiwitrainer

BlogI Love Me

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kiwitrainer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thelegendofr

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RobinJHall


Nathaniel Schellhase Hvizdos began his artistic career at an early age, making posters, flyers and backdrops for local bands in the Washington DC area.  He went on to study Anthropology, Sociology and Film at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Nathaniel's art displays images of fantastical creatures, skulls, animals, and more.  In poetry, Nathaniel shows understanding of different perspectives as he explores various stories and emotions.  He finds inspiration from miracles he sees around us. Current artwork at:    




N.K. Wagner is the publisher and executive editor of Page & Spine, a weekly online literary magazine dedicated to promoting emerging writers. 

Her work has appeared in print in several anthologies including:

Small Town Talk, Rewriters Press, 2008
Pen In Hand, 2009, Rewriters Press, 2009
Pen In Hand, 2010, Rewriters Press, 2010

Her poetry, short stories and essays can be read online at:




Dr. Heather M. Browne is a faith-based psychotherapist and recently emerged poet, published in the Orange Room, Boston Literary Review, Page & Spine, Eunoia Review, Poetry Quarterly, The Poetry Bus, Red Fez, The Muse, An International Journal of Poetry, Deep Water Literary Journal, Electric Windmill, Maelstrom, mad swirl, and Dual Coast. Her first chapbook, We Look for Magic and Feed the Hungry has just been published by MCI. She just won the Nantucket Poetry Competition and will be featured on their website.

 Follow her: www.thehealedheart.net

My poetry website is: www.thehealedheart.net

My chapbook is on sale on that site

or through Amazon, link:




R.D. Taylor is a Florida writer with an extensive career he has published numerous poems, a novel, alleys and even a children’s book titled, The book where Michael meets the Royal Street Elves and learns about Whales, Whale Oil, the Electric Light, and the Two-Headed Sea Serpent. He ran Poetry on the buses program and Liberty Lunch Poetry Readings in Austin, Tx. He has a BS-Ocean Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton MS-Mechanical/Environmental Engineering, University of Texas, Austin MBA-Pepperdine University, Malibu




Martin David Edwards lives in London, UK. He likes to write stories with quirky characters and themes. His work has previously been published in Psychopomp, Bento Box, the Metric, Streetcake, Storyboard, Winamop, and Sein und Werden magazines, and in the anthology “Allusions of Innocence” by Solarwyrm Press. Martin is also a photographer and has exhibited his work in shows in London and New York. His web site is



Martin David Edwards


Website :  http://www.milagrosaints.com/

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/msaints

Sonicbids: http://www.sonicbids.com/band/milagrosaints2/audio/

Bandcamp: http://milagrosaints.bandcamp.com/

Twitter:  twitter.com/milagrosaints

Facebook:  Facebook.com/milagrosaints


A transient life has seen Apple Gidley live in countries as diverse as Papua New Guinea and Thailand, or Equatorial Guinea and the USA, and another eight in between. Her memoir, Expat Life Slice by Slice, tells of the highs and lows of that nomadic life. Her travel articles are filled with colour, and spiced with subtleties that take the arm-chair-traveler to that country, or make the experienced traveller add it to their list. She draws on her experiences for her pieces on expatriate living, which offer down-to-earth observations and encouragement to those about to embark on the trail, or who already live the life.


Gidley writes a regular blog at my.telegraph.co.uk/applegidley and is currently working on her second novel, and a book of short stories. www.applegidley.com


Janet Butler lives in Victorian Alameda. She began both writing and painting during her 20 years in central Italy.  In Alameda she is moderator of a monthly meet-up for local literati, Poetry and Prose at the Blue Danube Coffee Shop.  As a watercolor painter, belongs to the Frank Bette Art Center, and recently had five drawings selected for show in a month long exhibit of the Tuesday night figure drawing class.  Her most recent chapbook, "Upheaval", was one of three winners in the Red Ochre Press Chapbook Contest for 2012, and 10 tanka will be published in an upcoming issue of Undertow. 

Her watercolors and drawings may be viewed at:



Watercolors & Poetry

Amazon.com:  poetry by Janet Butler
5 poetry collections for Kindle


Elisabeth Khan is a Belgian-born author and poet who earned an Indology degree from Ghent University. After moving to the USA, she taught Indian Culture at Saginaw Valley State University and French at Detroit Mercy University as well as in various corporate settings. Meanwhile she had several poems and short stories published in Hanging Loose, The Iconoclast, Driftwood, and The MacGuffin. The six years she spent editing and promoting the bilingual publication Gazette van Detroit (started by Belgian immigrants in Detroit in 1914) did not leave her much time for creative writing. She has now returned to her first loves: writing and India. She keeps a blog about her multicultural family, titled Between Three Worlds, on Quora.com and another one, A Writer’s Journey On Three Continents, on Wordpress.com. She is currently preparing a poetry chapbook, “The Takht,” for publication.






Emma McKervey has been writing poetry since childhood. After spending her 20s working in community arts and childbearing, which distracted her from poetry, she is now studying for a PhD. in Anthropological Studies and ferociously writing poems once again.  She lives just outside of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Examples of her work can be found here: 

Issue Ten - A New Ulster


Gold Dust magazine Issue 26 


She has also had her work included in the University of Ulster Literature anthology Reflexion and in the just published anthology from OWF Press 

Local Poetry



Maria  Ashworth is passionate about writing everything from picture books to adult fiction. She currently pursues writing as a member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Her picture book manuscript, Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four, was a finalist in the National Association of Elementary School Principals Writing Contest. Her middle-grade manuscript novel, Sushi Kitty, was nominated for the Joan Lowery Nixon Award, and also became a top five finalist in the National Association of Elementary School Principals Writing Contest. Maria’s first short story, “A Rose By Any Other Name” placed top five in the Tom Howard/John H. Reid contest with WinningWriters.com. She’s a Board Member for the Friends of the Maud Marks Library in Katy, Texas. Maria lives and writes in Katy, Texas with her husband and family. Details about this writer and her current projects can be found at:




 twitter, @maria_ashworth, 




Stephanie Willimon, a native of Greenville, SC has been a writer for 26 years. Her first poems were published in the literary magazine, Writer's Inc., through the college she graduated from the University of South Carolina-Upstate. She has been through experiences in her life that at point she didn't write for 8 years. But with a renewed outlook and needed changes in her life, she picked up the pen and paper and came back to her passion.

Links: m.facebook.com/stephwillimon and onwritersnet.com

Stephanie Banks Middleton, 48, was raised on a fourth generation tobacco farm on the coast of North Carolina. She has been in education for the past 15 years as a Special Education Teacher and school Administrator. She recently moved to Western Tennessee with her new husband Darrell. When she isn’t working, she loves to garden, read, and make unique handmade gifts for her business, The Silly Rabbit. Stephanie is a two time Cancer survivor and tries to find something positive in every day. She and Darrell love enjoying the open road on their motorcycles (yes she has her own) and loves taking pictures along the way.


Dr. Ronaldo Brandão Brochado is a Physician living in Campos dos Goytacazes, Brasil. He was born in Vitória, ÉS., Brasil. He became a doctor in 1977. He is a general physician. He writes for  Country Music News International as a Country Journalist reviewer. He is an avid reader of poetry and is a fan of all genres of music. A great deal of his time outside of practicing medicine is spent trying to bring different kinds of music to South America. His poetry is a mix of styles. He captures a bit of humor in deep stream of conscience thought.  


Mauro Leite was born in Aymores E.S. He Lives in Vitória E.S. Brasil. He has a great love for poetry and the arts in general. He focuses a lot of attention on the daily life in Brasil. The politics and thoughts of life are reflected in his poetry. He is an engineer by profession, but has held numerous titles throughout the years. Director General, Secretary of Transportation, superintendent, vice president and then president of a community service organization. His poetry has been left in Portuguese here because it may lose its feel in translation.




CSB First Edition

Robert Natello is a Poet &Writer &Spoken word artist who has performed all across this great nation and many places in Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. He has been member of the Directory of American Poets & Writers NYC for approx. 18 years for writing & Army veterans(circa 1966-68). He is currently booking readings w/Poets &Writers Magazine to perform in cities & colleges across America. You can contact him for information about his books and upcoming shows.

Email - rudepoet55@yahoo.com

FB - Robert Tino Natello.

Edwin M. Cordevilla is the author of Phoenix and Other Poems (published in 2000), The Occasions of Air, Fire, Water, Earth (published in 2012), and the non-traditional epic poem Ten Thousand Lines Project For World Peace (published in 2013). He is a member of the Philippine Center of International PEN (Poets, Playwrights, Essayists, and Novelists). 

In the introductions of three books on Philippine literary history and literary criticism, namely, The Likhaan Anthology of Philippine Literature in English from 1900 to the Present (University of the Philippines Press,1998) : A Habit of Shores: Filipino Poetry and Verse from English,60’s to the 90’s (University of the Philippines Press,1999) : and The Critical Villa: Essays in Literary Criticism (Ateneo de Manila University Press,2002) , Cordevilla is viewed as the last of the Filipino Romantic poets in English. 


In “Mapping Our Poetic Terrain: Filipino Poetry in English from 1905 to the Present (1999),” Dr. Gemino H. Abad writes:


‘Zulueta’s Like the Molave and Villa’s Poems by Doveglion (1941) could very well mark the end of the Romantic phase in our poetry. With Like the Molave, it had become important for the poet to reshape the Romantic usage in order that he might find his own voice and address more directly his own time. Villa found his own voice (Have Come, Am Here,1942; Volume Two,1949) , but in 1929 he had exiled himself to America. Then the War came, and the Romantic efflorescence of the 30’s wilted. But the Romantic spirit did not vanish altogether. Villa, who wrote his last poem, `The Anchored Angel, ’ in 1953, continued to be a strong influence in the craft of poetry well into the ‘70s, as one might see in the poems of Jolicco Cuadra and Luis Francia, and even today in Augustta de Almeidda and Edwin Cordevilla.’ 


Cordevilla's third book, the epic, Ten Thousand Lines Project For World Peace, is his latest masterpiece. This literary landmark is a long poem that surpasses the English epic Beowulf by three times its length. It is also the longest poem ever written by a Filipino in record time to grace the literary plate and satisfy one’s artistic palate -- written in two years and two months from January 2010 to March 2012.



Sheikha A. is a Pakistani-born writer raised in the United Arab Emirates. She has been published in numerous online and print magazines. She has authored a book titled SPACED, available on Kindle, published by Hammer and Anvil Books. More about her works can be found on links:





Eric "Moebius" Morlin -- when you look to define yourself, do you see the street person you were a decade ago, or the fat kid you were in elementary school, or the guy who just finished college with a Bachelor of Arts in History.  Eric "the Moebius Kid" Morlin is the author of  Are there Zombies in Heaven, as well as over a dozen chapbooks including one published by the English novelist, Storm Constantine. Moebius also produced the artwork here under one of his pen names. You can find his works at one of the pages below:


Koyel Mitra from Kolkata, India. She has a Masters in Mathematics and teaches Math at a government aided high school. She is the author of six books-three poetry and three short story. She is a multifaceted artist who dabbles in singing painting and sketching among other things.

 Her work can be found at her website.


Nathaniel Schellhase Hvizdos began his artistic career at an early age, making posters, flyers and backdrops for local bands in the Washington DC area.  He went on to study Anthropology, Sociology and Film at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Nathaniel's art displays images of fantastical creatures, skulls, animals, and more.  In poetry, Nathaniel shows understanding of different perspectives as he explores various stories and emotions.  He finds inspiration from miracles he sees around us. Current artwork at:    




Debbie Keller is an author of two poetry books, Out of the Sky and Under the Raintree. She earned a history degree at University of Central Florida. Her focus on environmentalism, family, and historical knowledge can be seen in her work. It has gained her the position of Historian for the Florida State Poets Association. She is also a member of the National Poetry Association. Currently, she is working on a new book which should be out in the spring of 2015.


Lennart Lundh is a short-fiction writer, poet, historian, and photographer. His work has appeared internationally, in over forty venues, since 1965. Len and his wife live in northern Illinois, where he manages text acquisitions for a university. He currently has one chapbook out and another being published in June. You can find his work at:

FB – Lennart Lundh


Jeff Hwodzecky is a Canadian writer from Calgary, Alberta who has spent the last nine years living in Asia. He has been working as an English teacher in Taiwan specializing in writing. He has also been extensively travelling throughout the Asia; spending a great dea l of time in Nepal, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. 



Sam Gunderson

Sam’s first serious full-grown effort “Sam Gunderson & Cactus Groove” is where he really cut his musical teeth. It was with this band that he would solidify his relationship with Inner Ear Studios and record the first three albums on his discography: Sam Gunderson & Cactus Groove, F.I.V. Years in the Funhouseand The Cactus Groove Sessions.


After a productive ten year run, looking for a change Sam found himself in Birmingham, Alabama picked up by then regionally known soul singer Taylor Hicks. He spent a year and a half touring the South with “The Taylor Hicks Band” until Taylor went on to American Idol stardom. The following years brought national tours with Taylor Hicks, and a variety of regional performances in various bands. During this time Sam accumulated a great deal of original material that would become the basis of his first true solo album.


Dirt is Sam Gunderson’s first solo album and celebrates the collaboration between Sam and longtime friend and musical heavyweight Mike Creager of Capture Music. The combination of Sam’s musicianship, and Mikes recording ability and sonic prowess, created an authentic blues, roots album with its own distinct sound. While paying tribute to the blues genre, it is still fresh with songwriting, style, and the finest musicianship the Southeast can offer.


Lucy Malheur-(cover photo)

Lucy started to play guitar as a teenager, teaching herself how to play, and writing new songs whenever she found some new chords. Years came and went, and so did her bands and musical styles. Lucy became more sophisticated, and at one point, she had to make a decision. Since she couldn't stand the thought of sacrificing musical quality on the altar of success, she packed the whole thing in and got herself a job.


After having had lots of bad luck in her private life, she suddenly realized that she herself was the only person who could help her. She also realized how much she missed her music. So she went to a recording studio belonging to two friends of hers and started to record some old songs - just for fun, to find out whether she was still able to do this.


Between recording sessions she began to write new material. This hadn't happened in years, and it made her feel better and better all the time. Encouraged by her friends at the recording studio and her record label, she decided to share her music with others. It was around that time when she wrote her first Country and Bluegrass songs. Having recorded more material than she actually needed for one album, she chose some of the songs and cut an album.


Because of the mix of styles, this album was perceived more as a kind of musical introduction, a compilation of things yet to come. All of this was like a coup for her, hence the name Therapy. However, it took her yet another album called Little Blue Devils, which was a Blues album. Her next album, I Can Wait, was material that she wrote while making the third album.


Her newest album, Vintage, is being released in summer, 2014.